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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yesterday, Tuesday 10th March

well.... what a week. Im not going to talk about it yet- today i just feel like i should appreciate the small things, the babies i have to hold and love.
So i pulled myself together yesterday, and Jai finally got his 'black goldfish' ( but there was no black ones, only orange or brown- so he picked... brown) and thus christened the goldfish Peanut Justice, which is how he says Buford T Justice, the policeman from his FAVORITE move, Smoky and The Bandit... which we have only seen about 1 million times, and Jai can recite large chunks of dialogue. Now theres a talent! We have only had to change the tank twice (since yesterday) because of large amounts of fish food deposited into the water, Jai has NO idea who it was,probably one of the girls...

On another hand entirely, i am so hopeless at this computer stuff (realising as i type this that i sound like my Nana) I would love another template, and a button for the blog. So if anyone could suggest anything?? i have no clue how to use html haha.

Please be warned that my wordless wednesday contains only pictures of LEGS-yep legs, sweet little baby boy legs with babylegs on. and his shoes, which Luka would like to wear constantly...

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