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Sunday, August 2, 2009

I am still here-wish I had a laptop!

Cos then I could type from my comatose position on the lounge. I go from, bed, bath, lounge, bath, lounge,bath,bed.(with many toilet stops to hurl) So although I miss you all HEAPS, blogging is hard at the moment. Hoping you all bear with me, i am missing your blogs HEAPS too!

Still very depressed re Sonny. Poor thing, waiting to hear from my uncle,hes a photographer, hopefully can replace screen for me.

This is too short, and although Ive written my tim tams post, its slightly delayed due to the fact I know I cant/wont post them:(

Help me- any tips for all day sickness, wet rag run over by a truck exhaustion,inability to stay awake past 6pm? It was so like this with the boys- for 9 months! Still, I have never been so thrilled to feel so awful!

Hoping ill be back soon…. I have a doctors appointment this week:)