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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I truly envy Sleeping Beauty

Slept for 100 years. Aaaaaah. Imagine that! Yes, I let ANOTHER day go buy without a blog, or reading blogs and  feel slack and guilty. I know I have awards to accept too. I suck :( Im going to try to catch up now, if Fatboy and assorted other children co-operate. 

I fully intended to post last night, it was a full-on all-day spent chasing those horrible boys around why do they run when i follow them sitting nicely with the boys ,watching the girls run , wasting all my $$ on crap food eating delicious tuckshop food , sweating like pigs enjoying the sunny day, acquiring the most stupid sunglasses sunburn I look like ive been wearing goggles becoming tan and  watching Fatboy fall over about a thousand times try out his new shoes.

All in all a good day, many ribbons and much fun. Then… disaster struck. My beloved Sonny the Sony. Got STOOD ON!!! AND CRACKED THE LCD SCREEN!!! I am not ashamed to say i cried hysterically was quite upset. So, now to get the poor boy repaired. He still works, but he is in pain:(

I miss posting pictures, and Julie is suffering babylegs withdrawals. So…….





and this was sports day…







Since I suck im going to make it up to you. Stay tuned for another tim tam giveaway. Im writing it now and will schedule it to post tomorrow morning. Good luck, my mates !