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Friday, July 10, 2009

10 on the 10th

My beloved 10 on the 10th- go on join in:)

I am greeted when I open my eyes , by this.



I christen it Mt Washing, and it is conquered  by the end of the day.

I wash the new babylegs, I always hang fatboys stuff inside, I wash it in Softly, and it makes the whole house smell like a baby:)



I finally get Fatboy to sleep at 3.21pm. He has been up since 5.45am.


And I finally get a hot shower. Aaaaah.again-finally


While Fatboy sleeps, Rani and Jai jump off the table.



Fatboy wants a yoghurt upon waking.


“Spoon, you say? What is this ‘spoon’ you speak of?”


There's always  time for some brother-love:)brotherlylove

I don't think I'm obsessed with Babylegs really. Its not as though i went to the shop especially to get a cute basket to put them all in.


Oh, wait, yes I did:)

And now its 9pm, Fatboy is sleeping, in my/his bed. Im going to join him….Goodnight!


Loved your new bedding Kimber, dont you love how nothing whatsoever of mine matches!!