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Friday, July 24, 2009

Id like to thank the academy

Ok, I started this post on Tuesday, but I guess all those thoughts/prayers kicked in, because I have just finished a 3day vomiting streak (too much information Im sure… sorry)  that involves lying comatose on the lounge watching the entire season of Gossip Girl, between trips to the bathroom. Eating is not necessary (dont worry my record is 6 days with the Fatboy) So bear with me my stalkers faithful readers.

Feeling better today, but now have to go to Inter-School Sports Day. I will have the camera out though, which I have not done for days so will try and post again later… After a visit to Krispy Kremes, which I just saw a huge sign for at the service station on the way to hubbys work( I nearly crashed I was so excited) Also forced myself to go to the Target Toy sale last night, I felt horrible and couldn't be bothered standing in the layby line, therefore spent $500 on toys! But now its done! How organised am I , haha!

So, back to my 4 days in the makings post….



I got this


from Angela at Mom’s Fortress of Solitude


AND I got this 


from Cailin Marie over at 5kids,1lizard & a hermit crab . So thankyou ladies, thankyou.

Im passing one (or both) to these awesome blogs!

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Iwill come back and add some more later, and my 2 MORE awards from Kimber…