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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A lot of waiting and hoping going on

School went back on Tuesday, officially 1 day later the kids happily  told me “Mum one of the kids in Rani’s class has Swine Flu, he’s in hospital” Nice. We have our ‘information letter’ its really not that informative.  Wait and hope the kids dont get it.

There's also a Whopping Cough outbreak here. Wait and hope.

Had a house inspection, which means I am frantically cleaning from dawn until sleep for 3 days. Not so much waiting and hoping, (The house was SPOTLESS) but stressful all the same:)

(Im sneaking this in) Well, officially 4 weeks ‘late’. Walking on eggshells, ( after 4 angel babies I never feel secure) yet still having so much normal stuff that has to be done. 2am vomiting  has never been so welcome, still, lots of WAIT and HOPE there! ( also lots of HOPE the family will actually congratulate me, for once)

And hubby found out yesterday, after all year of 2 day shifts because there isnt enough work, that after next weekend he will either

a) move to night shift, Monday to Thursday or

b) have no job

So, waiting on their decision  and hoping he still has a job! He has been there 10 years, I am hoping that counts for something!

Ugh. Thats it, the end of my ‘my life sucks this week’ rant!

Heres Fatboy and the snake, please bear in mind it is non-venomous:)  Oh, and me and my boys are going to DARWIN!!! In September! Since the only time Ive ever been out of QLD was 3 times to visit my sister in Sydney, Im pretty excited. Jai on the other hand apparently thinks he will ‘fall outta dat plane’ and is planning on ‘hiding from you mummy’ Hope he changes his mind!