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Friday, August 21, 2009

Meet the bean- yay!!!

Still feeling fantastically, superly (yes spell check I realise that's not a word) happy. The kids,after a few questions

Cara : “ So now do we get a new car?”

Dakota  : “ What???”

Rani : “who are we having a baby by?” ( I think she was hoping our sausage dog was having puppies)

are very  excited.

I have just started reading all those blogs I have missed- theres only about 4000,so if I am slow to comment, please be patient:)

Hubby is officially  on night shift- 4pm until 2am, 4 days a week, which we are slowly adjusting to. I am still tired, but the kids are being great, so we will manage.

Even though its winter, Fatboy looked  like this



most of the day.

And I look like this


my belly stretches out quick, i just look chubby though!

And here is my bean….


So very happy to be writing this post. So happy.