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Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 on 10 (except its the 11th here)

Wow, weekends. Full-on. Crazy. Hence this being a day late. The girls were at sleepovers this weekend, so the boys took the opportunity to, ah, shall we say, go absolutely crazy and drive me nuts  work off some excess energy. Fatboy practised his angry face


and ‘the finger thing’ which he has done from about 12 months. You cant see it very well in the photo, but he loves to perform it!


Jai was here


as soon as my back was turned! ( Oh the concentration! )

I went to my favourite baby shop, and bought a few special things to put in here


including this, which I couldn't  resist!


I squeezed in some pictures of not-so-little-babyfeet


in between cleaning madly (or should I say ‘nesting’)..

I took my 19 week  ( yay!!! - I am so happy- I believe I've mentioned once or twice) belly shot ( you are warned- bear attack!!- I tried black and white but stretchmarks just as obvious,sadly!)


and started to get backache…

Rani came home with bed hair,after a weekend in her friends pool


and I looked at this while sitting down:)


It was a big weekend