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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jai Ethan

5 years ago, our first son was born.


Jai, you made me sick for 10 months.

It was worth every moment.

We braved a whole new world, after 3 girls, of cars and bugs and mud and trucks and hotwheels aplenty!

My little hellraiser:)

Now, at 5 you

play the ps2 every chance you get

sleep late (in your own bed finally I might add)

love your sisters

adore your brother

always greet me with a ‘Good morning mummy’- eyes still half closed :)

are most polite, even wishing everyone that rang you a happy birthday, on YOUR birthday

throw terrible tantrums over ps2 games ( “I suck at this!”)

love scooby doo and superheroes.

are going to school next year, which you are most excited about

love chicken,hate cheese

still treasure each Hotwheels you own. You still have the first one you ever got (you started carrying cars around at 6 months)

tell us “ You will make me cry again!” when you get in trouble

make me laugh everyday


Love you Jai , my big man xxxxx