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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sweet baby bean…what's in a name??

My little beanie, still  hanging in there. But 1 thing (well, apart from all those other ,major things- 2 hematomas) is really bothering me. What are we going to call this bean?

As I watch my bean belly grow ( couldn't do up my pants this morning-yay!) I want to put a name to my –last- bean… (Cant be called Bean its whole life- but I think it will stick around as a nickname for a while) And its only 5 days until I find out if its a girlie bean for sure! I'm already internet browsing, tutus and stripy pink stocking hats and tiny shoes and big flower hats oh my! ( If it is a boy bean, I will have to seriously revise my shopping lists)

I got nothing. I like Maliyah, it just keeps popping into my head, but maybe only as a middle name. Boys, I like Koby, but apart from those 2 ‘like’ names (not ‘love’ names, like the others were) I really have nothing.

Any suggestions?? It has to ‘go’ with all the other kids names, Im pretty fussy - which is why Rani was ‘Baby Chapman’ for close to a month.But come on, throw names at me (not literally,you know)

18 almost 19 weeks bean kicking me constantly, I am so happy. So happy. Stay put Bean, love you so much!!

* wow 3 posts in 3 days, does this mean IM BACK?*

Just cos you asked nicely, heres a belly shot with a smile:)


(And Melissa, my tattoo on my arm says Jai and Luka, the girls names are on my back)