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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I feel summer….

Even though its only Spring.. Its hot,hot,hot here already, and I have felt altogether sapped of all energy for the last week or so. I'm sure the constant bleeding is not helping, and am planning on asking  for another iron level test at my next appointment. Yes, it continues, but the bean is reassuring me with kicks/punches every day.

Hey, I made 18weeks!! And made my ultrasound appointment too, 1 week from today, I cant wait. There is a big stripy purple hatbox on top of my drawers, with 3 tiny outfits,1 tiny nappy and a pack of breast pads. ( I decided last week to start my ‘organising’ which just means I buy 1 thing every grocery shopping day-like nappies,wipes,breast pads etc. After Jai and Luka we did not need any baby stuff for 3 months!) Every time I look at the box I smile a secret smile:)

*and do you think its a sign that 3 times when I've gotten in the car that song “Brown Eyed Girl’ has been playing??*

The girls are back at school after a 2 week break. At one stage I had 4 kids inside and 3 pre-teen girls asleep in a tent. At no stage was there less than 7 kids here.The house still looks like a toy shop and several wardrobes exploded, but Im sure Ill get on top of it eventually (although I may need mountain climbing equipment to scale Mt Washing)

Hubby has had the ‘man flu’ ( you know, its a ‘cold’ when a woman has it and 400 times worse for the man) and I am tired and cranky and emotional so we argued for about 3 days. Sigh.

Anyway, back to summer. Apart from the heat, you know summer is on the way when you get swooped by a magpie. (its a black and white bird that gets really agitated while nesting,and angrily swoops your head-when we were kids we put ice-cream containers with eyes painted on them on our heads-it looked as stupid as it sounds, but the magpie doesn't like being watched apparently)  And however horrible this may sound, it was HILARIOUS watching Fatboy riding his tiny bike, getting swooped by this magpie (it didn't actually HIT him, just scared him) screaming, ‘ Birdie!!! Birdie!!!” Daddy rescued him after Cara fled screaming:) Now he has a morbid fear of birds.

So, its way too hot now for Babylegs (sob) but maybe you'll agree that these are pretty cute too?



*note to all-see those prickles all over Fatboys pants? They stick to EVERYTHING,and there is about 500  in my house waiting to be vacuumed up when it cools down.*

This is one boy who look like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth


but I think he may be slightly put out when bean arrives…


For now though, there has been lots of cuddles,and kisses, and “Come on mummy,up” at 5am and this


going on. I just discovered babywearing, and bought the sling to take to Darwin. I love it! And so does Fatboy:) Maybe I should have bought the pink spotty one though (sorry Bean)

And here you go, the 18week belly. Containing my face! I think I look giant, but I don't care:)