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Sunday, April 12, 2009

10 on the 10th- ( actually on the 12th)


Early Easter morning,and Luka discovers that there is chocolate in the egg wrapping!

easter 029

Mummy finds  out no one will concentrate on a photo when there  is choccy around

easter 051


we had to tackle rani for the photos

easter 062


then mummy got the bubbles out because…

easter 074


…Luka LOVES them so much!

easter 075


Cara poses for some pictures with her new hairdo-red!

easter 110


Chuppy has a friend over

easter 129


he is happy

easter 141


Luka has a prickle mishap while everyone is fencing

easter 135


and the day ends like this

easter 173

1 comment:

Nightowl Mama said...

Great pic's too cute. Luv the tshirts and the girls tackling for photo's . YOur children are beautiful