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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday 7th April ..... giveaway coming up!


1 gorgeous hubby

3 beautiful girls

2 wild,lovable boys

3 much-missed angels

2 family-lovin' dogs

1 tiny pony

6 bikes

5 pairs of shoes,all in a row

4 loads of washing to fold (grrrr)

50 months i have been pregnant
(this is me 1 hour off having Luka!)

8 years (!) i have breastfed

2 faithful ( please) cars

10 (almost) years of nappies

12 years i have been a mum

1 family is the most important thing in my life

well to celebrate my blog comeback ( and the fact i have figured out how to set out a post the way i want) i will be announcing a GIVEAWAY later on... yep thats right, i will ship you ( all the way from Australia) a -brand new- Oobi baby beanie, ( blue with yellow polka dots)-yay!!Starting small, but a giveaways always good right??


Tina said...

That was super cute. I loved all those pics. How do you get the ones to have two pics side by side with the blue line in the middle or something? I need to learn to do more savy things on this lovely computer!

mummyof5monsters said...

just download Picasa , and select the pictures you want, then go make collage, put the boarder in,easy! i have only just figured out how to do all this stuff the last week, haha