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Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday 6th April

My favourite photos from yesterday. A gorgeous little girl, Courtney, daughter of my brothers friends. Of course i took about 100 pictures,but these i like the best. It was just at Mum n Dads bbq, so i was trailing round the yard after her, and there was a few shots with thongs (the shoes not the undies for all of you outside Australia,lol ), or horses butts, in the background that i wish hadnt been there, ill have to pay more attention to those litle things next time. But i really enjoyed it. I havent really been taking photos lately, i have been feeling ,well, craphouse is the perfect word. But it felt good. And since yesterday i have been feeling better, brighter,happier than i have for a few weeks. I will post another blog later, about my beloved sons. And Caras birthday blog. I really need to get my act together!
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