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Monday, April 6, 2009

Still monday April 6th

Aaaah my boys. The brothers. My hellraisers. Sooooo different from the girls, in so many ways.

Jai you:
are 4 and almost 6 months old

wear size 5 clothes

and size 13 shoes (same as 7 year old Rani!)

have had a car in your hand since your 1st Hotwheels(free maccas toy your sister got)at 6 months!

are still car obsessed, and when i buy you a new car (often-grin) you sleep with it for the first night

and insist on several photos of you and the car

you have over 100 Hotwheels,and you look after them ALL so well

love car movies- your faves are The Fast and The Furious 1&2 ( i know)
Smokey and The Bandit 1,2 &3
Speed Racer

swear, which is a little funny- despite my apparent anger- (cos no one else understands it yet)

call me and Luka 'fweetheart' (sweetheart)

have the BEST manners of all my kids ,always says thankyou and your weck-come, and 'quack you for having me'

are very considerate, recently asked 'whatsa matter darlin?' when i was sick

LOVE to ride your -2- bikes,and your scooter,and your 12volt car

told Dad the other night ' that computer noise is irritating me!'

its always like a cheesy movie reunion when you go anywhere, with you running into my arms and declaring 'I missed you mummy!'

love sleeping in mummy and daddys room and we often wake up with you curled at our feet

Luka you:
are 1 year and 5 months and 2 days old

wear size 1 clothes-although i still squeeze you into some size 0

wear medium nappies,or good old terry cloth and pilchers

wear size 6 shoes, your fave pair is a soft soled pair of sourpuss sneakers, from Aunty Belbie

love to wear your Babylegs and knee-high socks

are still breastfed- yay for mummy!

just learned to say 'tittie' and you always smile just before a feed, boobies are 1 of your favourite things,lol

just learned to say 'Jai' so we are constantly lisening to you say 'Jaaaaaiiiiiii,Jai,Jaaaaaiiiiii,Jai'

still sleep with mummy and daddy,dont even own a cot!

call Mummy-mumum,Daddy-dadad,Cara-nana,Dakota,dakota,all dogs are 'Lola'(our dashchunds name),cats-meows, cows-moos

Love all animals-especially Frodo,our dwarf pony

Love being outside

love the swing,and the trampoline,and the slide(which you climb up to get onto the tramp-almost gave Grandma a heart attack)

and being pushed around in the red car,and pushing the Tonka truck around

when you wake up in the morning(too early-usually before 5am) you demand a warm bottle and a blanket on the lounge

You both:
love playing with cars
and balls
and wrestling
and mummy and daddy
and your sisters
and each other xxx

phew, that is a big blog, hope you can stick with it until the end,thatll teach me to slack off. also excuse any spelling mistakes, its 5:02pm, there is 8 kids here, and 1 barking dog,1 complaining hubby-lol-,3 non-barking dogs ,its that time of the day!
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