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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday 15th april- Giveaway!!

  Well, since i have 7 –count ‘em- followers, it may well (probably) be one of you lucky faithful! So im starting off small, with an Oobi baby beanie, so cute! With blue pom-pom ears and blue polka dots on a yellow background.  So, this will be a ‘ name that photo’ competition. Just add your title in the comments section and ill pick the cutest title! Easy! And ill send you, al the way from Australia a BRAND NEW beanie! oh, WAY too many exclamation marks!


15th 086

hahaha taken this afternoon after Lukas bath, he made his escape! So go nuts people, i hope you have been enjoying my latest posts, a bit of photo overload,and a bit more organised thanks to livewriter,lol.


Nightowl Mama said...

Look like he's looking down the river wondering where his clothes went. Great photo.

Marybeth said...

Farmers tan meets Baby Cheeks....Butt Cheeks that is...


Cute blog as well :)

Jen said...

How about "P.P.Ponderings"? Too cute! Thanks for the chance!

A mãe da Mafaldinha said...

Hi! First time in tour blog. Loved it!
Well that's a nice photo and a nice monster team you have! I woul name the picture: Natural Nature.