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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good news/bad news, or, nowhere near wordless Wednesday

The good news is, the bean looks great. Big fat belly,nice head and heartbeat, looking very chilled with arms behind head. At the moment, they are saying its a girly bean, but maybe a little early to tell. They are putting me at 15weeks 3 days, instead of the 17weeks 3days my dates suggest, but bean is growing fine since last ultrasound.

The bad news. Ugh. I always think its bad when they say “let me just get Dr so-and-so to have a look”. The haematoma  has gone from 15mls to 150mls, making it large instead of the medium it was. You can see it, sitting right over the entire top of the placenta.  And they cant or wont reassure me, only saying “ They are USUALLY fine, they USUALLY go away, there is USUALLY no risk to the baby.”

I feel so ? strange. I just cant relax. And cant find much on google, 1 awful website gave the odds of a healthy normal pregnancy a 46% chance, which doesnt comfort me much.And a few said if the haematoma gets too big, it can cause the placenta to separate, causing premature labour.

So, now what? More waiting and praying and hoping. Another ultrasound in 4 weeks, and a hospital appointment ( just booking in, they are seeing me earlier than usual because of the bleeding, but I am hoping they will be able to give me more information)

I wanted SO much to go straight out and buy baby clothes, now I STILL feel like ill be jinxing it. My mum bought me a teeny-tiny tie-dyed purple jumpsuit though, i so hope we will be dressing the bean in it next year.

Thankyou, again,always,forever for your messages. Im in tears at the thought that there is so many people that care for me and my bean, that there is people on the other side of the world praying for me and the bean today/tonight, love to you all xxxx