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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Letters of Intent

Courtesy of Julie, over at Foursons. Join in!

Dear Creators of Cosmopolitan Pregnancy,

First, let it be known it has been almost 3 (gasp) years since I have bought a pregnancy magazine. But I was slightly shocked to pay over $13. (Okay , maybe I'm just a cheapskate).

The thing that sprang to mind when I started reading was “Oh wow, there's so many lingerie adds in here” I mean, I am not opposed to lingerie but now that I am preggers, am I meant to have lots MORE lingerie than I would normally? Frankly, Im already considering moving into my favourite pregnancy underwear, mens undies. Comfort and extra support, I feel they are truly an undiscovered blessing. And yet, mentioned nowhere in your magazine.

And the fashion. I realise that the maxi-dress is, once again (or still-thankyou Nicole Richie) in fashion. But does that mean that every single pregnant woman has to wear them? In case you are not aware, it gets hot, real hot, here in Australia and the thought of spending the summer sweating from my boobs to my feet is not one I cherish.

There is the jeans though. The $260 dollar jeans. Really? $260? For maternity jeans? I wore my normal jeans unbuttoned, with a long shirt or my belly belt over the giant gap. Didn't cost me $260.

Lets move on. To the prams*. Should I feel like a bad mother because your prams, ranging in price from $800 to about $3000, seem like a totally unnecessary expense? The most I have spent on a pram is $200, and no one ever complained. We hardly even used it!

I have saved my biggest complaint until last,however. Of all the women you interviewed, in the entire magazine, every single one said “ I have been very lucky and have NO stretchmarks at all” OH WOW. REALLY?? Where is the woman saying “ I look as though I have been attacked by a bear or similar wild animal, none of those creams helped, I look as though silver slugs have crawled all over my body!” WHERE WERE THOSE WOMEN??

In closing, I don't think Ill buy another pregnancy magazine, because frankly, I'm onto #6 and don't really need your advice anyway.

Yours faithfully (well no, not really).

Mummy of almost 6 monsters.

* pram= stroller. Apparently, we make up our own words.