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Thursday, September 24, 2009

In which I declare I am sick of being stressed

So Im not going to.. Stress that is. Easier said than done, but I realised I am almost halfway through this, my final, pregnancy, and have not really enjoyed a second of it. So, bugger it, Im going to be a happy pregnant lady.

*if you were at Lowood IGA today, that was me gazing at my belly in the reflective windows.Sorry*

Well, bean  update. Doctors visit. Pointless. Quote “ Its not really our area”

Hospital visit. I weigh 64.9kgs, which means in 16+ weeks I have LOST 3.1kgs. Dont stress. Breathe. Beans heartbeat all good, love that whooshing heartbeat, and I could hear mine in the background, it was kinda nice hearing both at once:) But again, midwife could not give me any information.

So, countdown 2 weeks 6 days until next ultrasound, then another hospital visit, where I get to see a doctor who will be able to give me some information. Of course, after the hike up the hill to my car after hospital visit ( Ipswich Hospital, you should be appalled at the parking at the hospital!) I was pouring blood. Again. 

byebye!!But my feet are disappearing.

I couldn't be happier.


In other, non bean news,we had a crazy dust storm yesterday. I woke up to clear blue skies, by 10am, it looked like this.


duststorm2 The kids are all home,  ( Julie, they have school all year round, 2 week breaks in March, June and September, and 6 weeks off over December/January) so we stayed shut-in all day. Even inside you could taste the dust. I have been cleaning up this thick, red dust all day, but took time out to join every other Australian writing ‘Wash Me’ on their cars!


(we aren't allowed to wash the cars until the weekend, because of the water restrictions we have here)

And just cos Fatboy is adorable, and he made me laugh!mmmchocolate