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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sometimes,you gotta chuck a tanty.

Well, i actually do not feel too bad right now surprisingly.

But if you were in Ipswich shopping centre today, and saw a pregnant lady crying behind her sunnies, that was me.

I picked up the ultrasound results.

And it is completely different to what they told me.

I dont know WHY they would tell me what they did!

I have not 1, but 2 haematomas.

1 is 7mls (considered medium) near the cervix.

The other, above the gestational sac, is not 15mls, as THEY TOLD ME,

it is 161mls.

One hundred and sixty one.

I think I felt numb.

So, after my fight-back-tears-woman you're in the middle of the shopping centre moment…

I went and bought a maternity dress.

And 2 teeny-tiny oh-so-girly outfits.

Then I came home and rang the doctor (our family doctor,hubbys for his whole life and mine for the last 15 years) and was told I could not get an appointment until the 28th of September!

I ‘chucked a tanty’ as my hubby says the kids do.

They squeezed me in on Monday( 3 days away).

Sometimes, you GOTTA chuck a tanty.

I actually took lots of photos today.And I wanted to respond to what some of you said last post( thanks for the websites-I am hungry for info, and some were REALLY helpful, and the stories, and Sassy, i will write you an email very soon) But I am so tired right now, and me and the bean are going to leave the girls watching 17 Again and go to bed. I will post the pics in the morning though ( Someone had a bright red mohawk today-guess who?) ( and I look HUGE in my new dress) (and the teeny-tiny outfits are oh-so-adorable) but all I can manage right now is

goodnight,love to all xxx