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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Im the mum now.

As I was driving my drunken brother, his girlfriend and their mates home at 10pm last night I pondered aloud

“Isn't this the sort of thing mum (my mum,Karen) should be doing?”

My brother (Steven, but we only ever call him Stevie,which I'm not sure if he likes since he is now 24 ) replied

“Nah, mum wont do anything anymore,you're the mum now”


Which I guess I am.


So,why you ask, did I pick him up? Well because

a) Im just that nice :)

b) one of his mates works at the ultrasound clinic, and is not only getting me in to see the specialist at my next appointment, but  is also getting me some 3D and 4D pictures!


So, although the bleeding continues ( want to hear a funny story? Sent hubby to stock up on pads for me –sorry but its part of the story- and he came home with adult NAPPIES! I may have had 5 kids, but am not quite there yet!) and I feel pretty tired and worn out  I feel pretty  confident today:)

and I also cant help but think that OF COURSE the bean will stay, how could she? not when there is so many people waiting for her!and praying for her! and thinking of her! ( at the next ultrasound the 3D will pick up if its a definite her or not).

(Yes , being overtired makes me slightly hyper)

Did you guess who had the red mohawk?fatboymohawk3

Fatboy,naturally. Dont worry, it was just hairspray left over from the girls crazy hair day. It was the last day of school here on Friday, now they have 2 weeks holidays. I have  forgotten 3 times, having already got the uniforms ready, bought school food when getting groceries, and reminded Dakota that she had to go to bed early tonight because its a school night.

I love this one, even though you cant see his face properly.


and here's Dakota and Rani (Jai was inside refusing coloured  hairspray)




as promised…..


how giant do I look! And I love it:) Stay put bean, just stay put! Because there is cute clothes waiting :)


and lots of people who want to see you!