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Monday, May 16, 2011

girly girl

Yes,my youngest daughter is definitely that.

5th 6th 7th 148

Bows or frills,

30th...1st 111

and all things girly,

like dollies in a dolly sling,

13 052

have become the new normal.

After 5 years of cars,bugs and craziness,

end feb 176-1

we are back swimming in a sea of pink.

end april 351-2

My little muma’s girl,

9 006-3

can be a cheeky monkey,

9and10th 0991

and she has this big brother wrapped round her little finger.

But one things for sure,

end april 455

we certainly have a girly girl ruling our family!

end april 362

{   I am sooooo excited to be blogging again-in case you cant tell by my 400 posts over the last 2 days!}