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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tutus on the beach

There's something about babies in tutus on the beach that makes me melt.

redcliff 255

and even though she didnt start out in a tutu

redcliff 103

and certainly didnt start out actually liking the beach….

redcliff 147

it didnt take her long to remember shes a Queenslander

redcliff 196

and start revelling in the feel of the sand between her toes

redcliff 132

and her fingers :)

redcliff 154


The weather was overcast,and after the beach we headed to the Mummy Tree Markets, Eden was spoilt rotten,as usual, amber necklaces from Bambeados, gorgeous bloomers from Wild Things of Noosa, super cute hair clippies and headbands from Amber J, an amazing tin tea set from Fairy-licious and Goblin Grunge, amazing stalls and amazing stuff, cant wait for the next one!

And after the markets, lunch, then the beach again! (we were at my sisters and she lives a street away from the beach)

redcliff 184


this time, she loved it straight away.

redcliff 245


And we broke out the tutu

redcliff 236

*Yes, I know you cant see her head! But look at those chubby legs, and that saggy belly, so adorable!

redcliff 283

You have to admit,there's something special about tutus on the beach.