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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I’m that mum…

Thanks Susan….

I'm the mum who….

is forever washing towels

doesn't mind at all when i wake to find Luka,Eden and Jai in my bed

loves hearing about their day at school

is very happy when hubby cooks the dinner,and we can find enough chairs to eat togetherSmile

who kisses my babies goodbye and hello…. and whenever else they’ll let me

who loves that Luka loves playing with dolls

end april 469

just as much as playing with cars…

who can recite the entire dialogue from the movies Toy Story 1,2 and 3..

and is currently working on Shrek

who throws on whatever is handy in the morning

and spends 45 minutes dressing Eden

9and10th 039

who would love to have more children

no matter what anyone thinks

who lets my boys ride motorbikes by themselves

middle 179

and acts like im not gritting my teeth in terror

who is in awe of my beautiful big girls,and loving watching them grow up so much.end april 057

151617th 012

151617th 022

who is sad my little Fatboy grew up so fast

12 050-1

Im the mum who

knows that I am so blessed to have this life….