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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Note to self…. always check the ISO settings before attempting family photos..

* here is a post I wrote ages ago, and didnt publish! Im doing it now, just because I love these photos. Also note we DID get flooded in after i had written this!*


Because there were some I absolutely loved

kids 492

and some that were oh-so-cute

kids 501

( the boys, loving on their baby sister, is just too cute for words!)


kids 498

but mostly, they were way too bright ( obviously the first sunny day in a while, we didnt get flooded in (close!) but it has been a wet miserable Christmas) So, i guess thats a reminder, its not like ive ruined a whole photoshoot and had to do the whole thing again  ever done that before so surely ill never do it again ( cue laughter here)

I was a little bummed out, I love how they looked with the new wagon (Grandmas present to the boys) out of 156 photos, there was not a single one of all 6 kids I liked! And now, it being school holidays ( another reason to hate the rain, 6 kids stuck inside because the grass is too long because its too wet to mow, and the yard is all wet and muddy, and there is a tent and a Slip n Slide just waiting by the  back door –still in their boxes! I shouldnt complain, last year we were in a drought, and plenty of poor Queenslanders are flooded in, and being evacuated. Sigh. Queensland. Crazy weather!!) all the kids are gone or going out ( Cara is at the beach with her mate, Dakota, Rani and Jai are going to their grandmas) so I wont get to try again until the end of the week.

I am planning a surprise picnic on Friday, rain or shine. Ill be up all night cooking, luckily I got lots of practice over Christmas! Wanna know what we ate for Christmas lunch (remember, 19 people!!!)

pickled onions, cheese, kabana, chocolates, marinated peppers,olives,corn relish dip, chocolate balls (my mums speciality lol)….

Ham,turkey, roast pork, prawns, watermelon salad, tomato salad, normal salad (haha you know what I mean!) potato salad, pasta salad…..

Mango cheesecake, pavlova cheesecake, tiramisu, raspberry cheesecake, pavlova with mango and cherries and plum pudding…

Yep, thats why i put on 3kgs…. 

We started straw bale gardens! I saw it on MckMamas site, and the kids are loving it. The poor veggie patch was completely flooded, it was a total swamp for about a week, so Thursday we will replace the dirt and try it a bit higher up! In the meantime Rani and I got our straw bales going. We have radishes, beans, marigolds and watermelons. The radishes and beans have just begun to sprout, even the boys are excited!

kids 641

kids 660

kids 672

( yay!! See our shed!!! Yay!!! –sorry but it sat in our garage in the box for exactly 14 months, so, again, YAY!!! and you can see the garden too, we dug it out, when we should have built it up, told you I am no gardener! All it has is a few hopeful beans, a rotten Pomato, and a dying pea)

We also have , out the front in big tubs, peas, basil, tomatoes, sunflowers and butter beans. And…. the kids and I are going to try a salad tower on the weekend so ill let you know how that goes!

Eden will be one in just a few weeks.


in a few weeks.

WHERE did the year go!! Unreal to think that this time last year, I had no idea she would arrive so soon.

This time last year she was safe (well kind of she didnt have the most relaxed time in there!) inside me.

This time last year i looked like


This time last year she was  The Bean



kids 589

( damn ISO)

kids 605

I know, you cant see her face, but come on! How cute is that!

Life has changed so much in a year.

Our family became 8.

And that tiny little girl with the head the size of an apple (really, ill have to photograph her first beanie, and the jumper she wore home from hospital – i got it at Pumpkin Patch. In the teddy bear clothes section!) showed us the important things.

The entire family is so in love with this girl.

Our tiny precious miracle

end sept 146

So ill be back, with her birth story (FINALLY!) and a letter to my precious daughter on her first birthday.