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Thursday, May 26, 2011

So, do you like stuff?

Yep,its a Simpsons reference. One I use a lot actually,when there's one of those awkward silences Smile probably should have gone with Weekly Wrap Up {even though its only Thursday} but ,well, boring! I figure if this is my ‘diary’ I should start writing our ordinary things, which i want to remember just as much as the major things.

We finally got the yard mowed, not such a huge deal, but made me feel so much better after finding the 5ft snakeskin on our back veranda. Normally snakes don't bother me, and never have, but come on ! The back veranda!

Sports days. 2 of them.Little kids and big kids. And tomorrow is BVSSSA  {so much fun to say lol} – Brisbane Valley Small School Sports Association,inter-school sports. Dakota for discus and Rani for sprints. We will head out early,and be home late. Will be very interesting to see how Luka and Eden behave,I'm always chasing Luka around when we are out….

Did I tell you Cara is working? Yes , that's right, I am the parent of a working person! Just Sundays at the moment, but she will work towards getting her Retail Certificate, which is great for her!

Dakota has been performing in Oliver, I'm  going to see it Saturday.I went and saw the full dress rehearsal,it was great! I'm so proud of her, committing herself to rehearsals for so long, and getting up there on stage and singing. She plays one of Fagan’s gang and also is in the choir.

Rani and Luka are being little terrors,as usual. And when did Luka learn to speak so well? Tonight in the bath,I said something was funny and he said “no it isn't”….. suddenly he is a perfectly spoken little boy,instead of my little Fatboy. And Rani has rediscovered a love for dolls. She is constantly playing dolls lately. Of course, we got rid of most of the dolls, so now she wants more dolls.

Rodger the cat is being annoying. He does not want to be an inside cat, despite the many warm sleeping places, he wants to go and kill birds. Therefore, he is getting something snipped {or chopped }. I don't think he will like it.

My Christmas shopping is already well underway. Mostly because I have been going nuts on madeit.com, and can only justify it by putting stuff away for Christmas.

And Eden. She is the most loved,spoilt little bean.


That is the new face. The angry face <3

Spoilt rotten.

And doll obsessed too

21 023

Not that I mind.I love it!

end april 455